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John Curran and  Renegade have been together for over fifteen years.
John began playing guitar as a child and when he reached high
school, he knew that performing was in his future. Renegade
guarantees that when you come to one of our shows, you will have a
fabulous time. We have been entertaining fans for over fifteen years
and we make sure that we introduce ourselves to fans and engage
with the fans while playing. We would like to thank our families for
all the support, love and most of all for allowing us to do what we
love. Renegade also sends out a heartfelt thanks to our troops
serving our country. We want to thank all our friends and fans that
have shown us their support by coming to our shows and spending
their time with us and enjoying the music we love to play.
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Renegade would like to thank the WhatzUp Magazine for the support
they provide to the local talent industry. Thanks to all the venues for
showing your support to the country music industry. We would also
like to thank Brian, our sound man for providing us with awesome
sound at every show. Renegade would finally like to thank Matson
Web Design for designing and maintaining our website. We look
forward to seeing all of you at a show soon.
Music Clip: "Traces Of Tracy"
John Curran
Rusty Spur Ft. Wayne, IN.
10:00p - 2:00a
Plymouth REMC Meeting
The Venue Angola, IN.
10:00p - 2:00a
Silver Inn Silver Lake, IN.
9:30p - 1:30a